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SO I’ve been out of the Freebie game for a while, couponed for a bit and now we’re here. This page was originally going to be for reviews so I might play with that for a while, what do you guys think? Freebie news, reviews or both?

2/5/13- free pancake day at IHOP

Might not go this year but if you do go be sure to snap a pic! =)

Free America’s Sweethearts Body Lotion at Bath & Body Works

Free 2 oz lotion in one of 3 fragrances January 18th–20th, in store only

Go here and click “Get offer” for the coupon to be sent to your e-mail. 

    Here are some free with purchase offers from various magazines. I’d advise only to do them if you’re already going to buy the qualifying item(s). The first three are for Olay and have no e-mail option so pick the one you want most? Though the third doesn’t specify what Olay item to buy like the other ones do.

    Remember they’d take about a month to get to you and you may not get them if they’ve all been claimed before they got to yours.

If you cannot read something please feel free to ask in my ask box.

The Clump Crusher one is from this Reddit post, give her some karma if ya’ can.